James the Greatest (jtggodqos) wrote in ravagedroses,
James the Greatest

a the child

there's a child with some flowers.
do you see her?
she's wearing a fluffy, thin white dress,
with a yellow sunflower in her right hand
and a white dandelion one in her other.
her light blonde hair is in a high ponytail with a white, laced ribbon tying it up.
she's smiling.
and she's giggling.
but now she's hiding.
she just pulled herself around a corner by a back door.
i look, and
she's gone.

then an older child walked in.
almost an adult, really.
she was tall, developed, and boastful.
you could see her skin right through her clothes.
she kept coming back.
but no matter what she wore, you could still see her skin.
you could see her skin right through her clothes.
you could see her skin.
it wasn't beautiful like a child's is.
it was boiled, bruised, and scarred.
a trinkle of blood crept down each inner thigh.

she will scare me.
so i will i close my eyes.
if i do so hard enough,
a child will come back.

look!, there she is.
there is the child with the flowers.
i see her.
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